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Providing answers to our most frequently asked questions. 


You're Questions? Answered. 

I just signed up! How to get started with Exceptional Support Services?

First things first, a hearty Welcome To You! If you have already done a consultation, this is the first step to getting started with us. If you've completed this step and we've connected you're on the right track. Next, we will begin the process of reviewing your information and pairing you up with one of our team members, a dedicated Professional, using the information you shared during the signup process, about your professional working style and personal preferences. Once this is completed, and we've determined the best fit for your specific entrepreneurial needs, you'll receive an email introducing the two of you! We suggest pairing up and having a call soon after to get acquainted and to get started soon after. Exceptional Support Services suggest this process to take at least one to two business days of signing up.

What to expect after a consultation?

Once we have concluded a consultation, expect to receive an email based upon our discussion and service selection(s), this email will outline the scope of work, in addition to an agreement relevant to terms of payment, expectations of both parties, etc. The agreement is legally binding between you (the "Client") and Exceptional Support Services (the "Consultants"). When you've reviewed and agreed to the terms and all documents are received; a specific team of Professionals will be organized to designed and tailor support specific to your business needs. At this time, you will be prompt to begin sending pertinent information regarding the assignment to our designated client's email and expect us to meet and exceed your expectations.

What are typical costs of hiring a consultant?

Hiring a consultant can vary between one to another, including their professional fees. Based on our research, the current market range is between $45 - $275 per hour; although many who work with clients on a monthly basis offer a monthly subscription for support packages instead of charging by the hour #wink.

What are typical costs of your services?

Our services range from $349 and above and are ideal for emerging business owners to small teams. Interested? Start by visiting our Consultation page www.exceptionalsupportservice.com/request-a-consultation

Is this company similar to a Temp Agency?

No. Exceptional Support Services does not offer temporary employees, which is oftentimes a misconception. To clarify, we serve as your professional service provider - think of it in terms of a professional and client relationship similar to that of seeking an attorney for legal expertise, or a physician for medical expertise. As a strategic management and professional services firm, we specialize in the expertise of administrative work, vs. an Assistant in a role doing anything and everything. We do not work on-site (unless we're in your hometown and available for a meet/greet(which we enjoy), we work remotely from our office; when you hire us you get high caliber administrative knowledge and expertise working diligently to support your business from any where in the world!

Do you offer a Membership Subscription?

Absolutely! Exceptional Support Services offer plans that are provided on a monthly or yearly basis. To view our plan offerings go here.

Do any of my unused hours rollover?

As a monthly membership service, our clients sign up for the ability to retain our services. Although, our plans offer various levels of service, as a monthly subscription plan hours do not rollover, therefore we encourage clients to select a plan that works best for there specific business needs. Thinking you may need less hours?  Take a look at our project plans this may be the solution for optimizing your hours to work in your favor. Looking at getting even more hours, request a change to your existing plan or upgrade to our VIP plans, to do so contact us, we'll assist you with the change.

Are my hours tracked?

Definitely. We keep a running total of your hours and send weekly reports. Also if you are running low on time, we'll notify you ahead of time.

Do I get a dedicated professional to work with? 

Of course! You will team up with a college-educated, U.S. based professional that is available to you Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Fridays 9:00am to noon in your selected time zones.

I'm interested in your services but currently live in Austrailia where time zones differ from the US and US Virgin Islands. Are your services offered internationally.

Absolutely! As you may know we're located in the United States and headquartered in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Expect to work with us in the timezone of your preference: Eastern Standard time or Atlantic Standard Time. Do you live outside the U.S.? No worries! We have served clients in over 7 countries and will continue expanding our global reach. Once you're comfortable working with us in US time zones mentioned here. If so, let's get started, request your free consultation today. 

Is Exceptional Support Services available on the weekends?

We believe in work/life balance and we make it happen by allowing our team time off to relax and spend quality time with family on the weekends starting on Fridays at 3pm. Our standard business hours are, Monday through Thursdays from 9am - 4pm and Friday from 9am - 12 noon. They are not required or expected to work on weekends or after 5 p.m. Feel free to submit your projects anytime, and a dedicate  professional will respond to it (if submitted on the weekend, before or after business hours) the following business day, and begin to working on it, then. Please note, to continually serve you with excellence, please send projects before the workday ends, especially if it's expected to be completed by the end of day (and sent minutes before).


Exceptional Support Services observes all major U.S. holidays. We will be offline and spending quality time with family and friends on these times during the year: *New Year's Day *President's Day *Memorial Day *Independence Day *Labor Day *Thanksgiving *Day After Thanksgiving *Christmas Eve *Christmas Day | Aditionally, we will be available half day on the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving and on New Year's Eve. When a holiday falls on a weekend, Exceptional Support Services will follow the U.S federal day of observance.

What type of clients do Exceptional Support Services consult and support?

Exceptional Support Services ideal clients are busy entrepreneurs, professionals, solo-preneurs, small business owners, and small teams, . We support busy entrepreneurs some who prefer to work with an experienced expert and knowledgeable team whenever they need to, instead of hiring full staff, dealing with conflicts, and extra cost, they enjoy the perks of hiring us for the convenience of our services, and the ability to rely on our dynamic tools, and resources (equipment, software, and other gadgets ) we use to get the job done in excellence, that's efficient and most all all cost effective. With Exceptional Support Services, there is no overhead cost, and for a fraction of what you'd pay for an in office EA (Executive Assistant), you'll pay only for our services at a reasonable rate. Others business owners work with a small staff, and hire us to add value to their team. Got an employee schedule to go on leave for a period of time, hire us to work remotely on their behalf while providing advice for increasing productivity. Emerging leaders and/or veteran professionals love working with us that do not have space to accommodate employees, but require top level expertise, and to handle specific needs like project management tasks, research services, invoicing and billing their customers and other services on a monthly or yearly basis.  *If you don't fit this description, but require dedicated assistance, send us an email, describing your service request, we will review your needs and respond back, typically within 24 -48 hours.

Not seeing your question? Send it over to our Customer Excellence Team, they'll have an answer back to you within 24 hours, usually sooner. Ask a question